How to eliminate Tourist Trash – Go Sustainable Funning !!!


Author – Tanha

Sustainable Funning

The festive season heralds the arrival of year-end travel bookings, with people flocking to tourist spots around India of leisure and beauty. Outings to waterfalls and trekking along the mountains are the most favored option for us youths. It’s serious fun to travel along with friends and capture those ‘picture perfect’ moments that will remain etched on the canvas of our hearts.

Without doubt, who wouldn’t like a day out in the lap of nature, breathe in the fresh air and relish the breathtaking scenery that would calm our souls? Just take a look at this snap I took this year during a rainy day debacle with a few idiots…

Sustainable Funning-waterfallBeautiful, isn’t it? Now see what I encountered when I moved a little ahead along the water stream…

Not so beautiful, right? Wait! Now don’t get into thinking I am here to criticize all for this careless littering. I am not an environmentalist who wants to sermonize on ethics. All I am saying is that – If we don’t like to visit any place that is dirty, we don’t have a right to leave any place dirty!

Here, I am talking about ‘prevention’ rather than ‘cure’. On an outing, our fun won’t be reduced if we simply put our waste in a big polythene bag (of course of more than 40 microns!) and carry it back home to a dustbin. It is as simple as that. I don’t say that you should pick up every tourist trash littering in places, but then you shouldn’t also throw them, right?


Having fun at the expense of our nature is not funny anymore! It’s time we discipline our fun a little. What I propose is a little modified concept of ‘fun’. Others may call it ‘Eco-tourism’ or ‘Sustainable tourism’, but let’s call it ‘Sustainable Funning’. I define it as “having the same fun without compromising the ability of our future generations to have the same quality of fun”. Putting in simple words, “you have your fun, but don’t spoil it for others”.

How to do Sustainable Funning?

I have prepared a list of all possible things to remember while having Sustainable Funning during outings –

  • The ‘USE ME’ says ‘REMEMBER ME’ – Anything waste? Dustbin is the only place for it
  • ‘HE ❤ SHE’ – Historical monuments are to tell memorable historical stories NOT your love stories
  • ‘ROADSIDE’ nature – Guys, trees require water NOT urine. ‘Control’ is the key!
  • ‘HOTNESS’ prohibited – Global warming is enough threat to the nature; you don’t need to add a smoking cigarette to it
  • Broken glass bottles don’t mend broken hearts – please ensure you carry back your liquor bottles
  • Cool ‘POOL’ – Always pool available resources. One bike for two and one car for four is less costly to your pocket and better for the nature
  • A ‘RAINY’ day, a ‘DRY’ day – It might be difficult, but avoiding drinks will keep you sober. Finally returning home safely does matter

What say friends? Can’t we give a little try to work towards this concept? After all it is no harm done to us as well as the nature!

Did I miss anything? Feel free to comment.

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