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Incorporated in 1995, Zuari Agri Sciences Limited (Formerly, Zuari Seeds) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zuari Agro Chemicals that is engaged in the production and trading of Hybrid & High-Yielding Seeds and Crop Care Products. Committed to creating a safe environment and improving the productivity and sustainability of modern agriculture, Zuari and its partner Agrinos AS, have introduced new organic growth stimulant, CHEMFREE into the Indian agriculture market.

CHEMFREE is an organic solution composed of L-aminoacids, protein, potassium, carbon, calcium, magnesium and traces of chitin derivatives from natural sources through organic fermentation process, free of high temperatures. Further, JK Compost is a part of Zuari Agri Sciences' range of organic compost fertilisers. Its chemical constituents include C-16%, N-0.5%, P2O5-0.5%, K2O-1%. This fertiliser improves root and vegetative growth in crops and can be used either in acidic and alkaline soil conditions.

5th Floor, Global Business Park, Tower A, M. G. Road, Sector 26, Gurgaon, Haryana, India 122002

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