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WoodKa brings out a range of disposable, eco-friendly, sustainable wooden products of supreme quality and rich texture. It is perfect for all kinds of parties and auspicious occasions.

WoodKa's premium Eco-friendly Tableware products are 100% natural and original, made of wood, naturally shed from the trees of Indian forests. The fallen thick tree sheaths, belonging to the Catechu Family, are turned into elegant and stylish disposable cutlery products like plates, bowls and other wooden items.

Intertwined with upcycling, WoodKa optimizes and utilizes the high quality rest materials, which are usually spurned out by other factories, to transform into ‘Value Added Products’. This is in line with our belief of ‘Waste to Wealth’. The rest material is also used for vermin compost, dry fodder for animals, bio-fuel bricks. WoodKa leads us back to sustainability and to a more durable environment with the hope of augmenting, shielding and respecting the essence that is rooted deeply to mother Earth.

Level 14, Lotus Business Park, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400053

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