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Dharani FaM CooP Ltd., registered in March 2008, under MACS Act, is a federation of sanghas and a producer owned business enterprise, promoted by the Timbaktu Collective. It has been formed to help the farmers with the post-production processes and marketing. It procures, stores, processes and markets its members’ produce under brand name Timbaktu Organic. Our products are good for health, clean and pure, and fair to producers & consumers. The price for the crops (except groundnut) is fixed during the crop-planning stage. So we know what we will get, and how much we will get. We know that at the end of the harvest, the Dharani team will come, weigh our produce in front of us, pay us per kg. and not per lot, will not cheat, and will pay us within a week. It takes a load off our minds and hearts. Besides this, we also get a bonus on the profits Dharani makes selling value-added products. So, yes it has been good for us. Now other farmers vie to sell to Dharani. More and more farmers, especially small farmers, want to join the sangham. But Dharani has said clearly – ‘they can buy it ONLY if it is organically produced, if no chemicals have been used’. So, slowly more and more farmers are willing to shift to organic methods.

Dharani Fam CoopBangalore - Hyderabad Hwy, Chennekothapalli, Andhra Pradesh, India 515101

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