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Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT) is an interest group whose vision has been to bring the Municipal Waste Management Rules 2000 and its recommendations to life for the city. Joining the various strengths and abilities of its members, SWMRT has created synergies. As a result today it can proudly state that through its work thousands of households and institutions have converted to waste segregation at source, which means that everyday tons of waste are being recovered and converted into renewed material instead of being dumped at the outskirts of the city.

Through its work SWMRT has proven that, to comply to the law and to gain is possible. Today the city of Bengaluru generates 3,500 tons of garbage everyday and hundreds of crores per year are being spent by BBMP to simply dump waste unmanaged. As a result our environment is getting highly polluted, from soil to ground water to farm products, just to mention the tip of the iceberg. SWMRT has proven that by managing waste, employment and therefore income is generated especially for the informal sector.

SWMRT The Anonymous Indian Charitable Trust W 202, Sunrise Chambers 22, Ulsoor Road., Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560043

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