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We at Sugmy Attar are pioneers in the production of natural concentrated perfumes (Attar) and pure essential oils, having received training from the FFDC in Kannauj, India’s perfume capital. Using the conventional steam distillation method, we create pure attars and essential oils. Our plants are located in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, India.

You can buy natural attar online from Sugmy, as we produce 100% natural attar by extraction through the ‘Deg and Bhapka Method’, conserving the tradition and purity itself. The process is carried out at our manufacturing plant based in Kannauj, India.

Only 100% pure and organic raw materials are used to extract natural attar at Sugmy. The reason why we can maintain our standard of quality is that we get our raw materials directly from the farmers, cutting the costs incurred by middlemen. That is how we make sure that our end products are pure, keeping in mind the well-being of our farmer friends.

Ittar is sometimes referred to in the form of attar. Ittar is an essential oil that is derived from plants. Most often, the oils are extracted by steam distillation or hydro.  Attar may be expressed using chemical means , however generally, natural fragrances that qualify as ittars are made by distilling water.

Technically speaking, ittars are distillates made from flowers or spices, herbs, and other natural substances like baked soil over the oil of sandalwood or liquid paraffins by using a the hydrodistillation method that involves a still ( deg) and a receiving vessel ( bhapka). These methods remain in use in Kannauj in India and Buy Mitti Attar Online

#628, 7th Floor, Westend Mall, Janakpuri District Centre, Delhi, India 110058

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