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Soul Bakers is a social initiative to encourage healthy eating. The entire foundation of existence of this initiative is to prove that healthy can be extremely delicious too. One need not fall prey to food that comes out of a chemical lab to enjoy taste nor does one need to eat bland, tasteless food for the sake of health. There is a beautiful fine middle path and we pledge to walk on it without compromising on our ethics of health first.

Wholesome and delicious breads made from Organic ingredients. Choose from a variety of breads that are made with healthier substitutes like olive oil instead of margarine, organic jaggery instead of refined sugar and organic flours. The palak and carrot used in palak and carrot breads are organic too. So, make a healthy start to the day without compromising on the taste. 

Our range of cookies and cup cakes will leave you wanting for more. You do not have to even feel guilty as they are absolutely natural and do not play with your health with any which way. Contains no chemical or artificial flavorings or preservatives. 

Eat Healthy, Be Happy. Because You Are What You Eat!

Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, India 560076, Karnataka, India

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