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Smoky Falls Tribe Coffee is an initiative taken to relive the forgotten tradition of coffee-making and drinking as in past generations of Meghalaya. Smoky Falls Tribe Coffee is a product of Fresh Coffee Cherries, handpicked by the Khasi women of Meghalaya, one of the few surviving matrilineal tribes in the world.

The brand derives its name from the numerous waterfalls that cascade down from the beautiful rolling hills in Meghalaya, the native land of the proprietor, Ms. Dasumarlin Majaw. The occurrence of small patches of native coffee in Khasi hills was found mentioned in some literature of the early 20th Century. Based on these facts and the stories of our forefathers, we undertook the challenge of reviving coffee culture using modern machineries and techniques in Northeast India. Our company was started in 2016 with our factory unit at Rngi Jynriew Rum Nongthymmai, Shillong.

The coffee plant is found scattered throughout the rollicking hills and cascading waterfalls of Meghalaya, North Eastern India, and Smoky Falls Tribe Coffee enterprise tries to capture the beautiful essence of the coffee grown in these regions. The packaged coffee is produced using the best modern roasting and grinding methods.

No. 35, Rngi Jynriew Rum, Jingkieng, Nongthymmai, Shillong, Meghalaya, India 793001

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