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A 100 Times Washed Ghee or as it is known in Sanskrit - Shata-Dhauta-Ghrita(SDG), is an age old Ayurvedic procedure that has been used for hundreds of years to make topical cream for the skin. This cream is also used as a base for other medicinal ointments.

It involves washing the ghee one hundred times with pure water to achieve a light unguent (soft cream) instead of the oily, granular semi-liquid ghee.

Simpler Times - Shata Dhauta Ghrita - Skin Nourishing Cream is handcrafted, organic, unprocessed skin cream. It is created using an ancient Ayurvedic process called Shata-Dhauta-Ghrita, meaning, a 100 times washed ghee. It is devoid of any artificial colours, odours and preservatives. Only pure and organic essential oils are added to it.

●   Simpler Times - Shata Dhauta Ghrita or a 100 times washed ghee is an excellent skin cream. It has numerous benefits.

●  It is one of the very few topical creams which penetrates all the 7 layers of your skin tissue, repairing it at the cellular level.

●  It soothes inflammation of the skin and reduces skin irritation.

●  It deeply moisturizes the skin and increases natural glow.

●  It hydrates the skin, making it soft and supple.

●  SDG is a known treatment for reduction of skin problems like sunburn, eczema, chicken pox, rosacea, acne, stretch marks, dullness and patchiness.

●  Its moisturizing and astringent qualities help to balance the doshas in the skin.

●  It helps fight signs of ageing, wrinkles and reverses sunspots, freckles and pigmentation.

●  SDG is very effective in treating minor wounds, small burns, cuts and scratches.

#C-1002, Basant Bahar Society, Baner Pashan Link Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India 411021

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