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Salud Vida! is the consumer products brand launched by Eueco Technology & Services Private Limited. The brand's value chain starts from procuring raw materials from people practicing sustainable production methods, like organic farms, rural house-hold dairies, agri-forests, tribal foragers etc.; proceeds with manufacturing involving engagement of rural improvised populace and ends by serving great quality food products in re-usable, environment friendly, plastic-free packaging. The brand's e-commerce practices involve unapologetic packing of shipments in used newspapers and card-boards. The bio-waste generated from manufacturing is composted and the Company is frugal with use of thermal power for all its processes.

As of now, Salud Vida! product portfolio includes Organic and Forage-based food products like Unprocessed Wild Honey collected by Tribal foragers of Patalkot valley, Chhindwara District, Madhya Pradesh, wherein the Company directly engages with the foragers; Indigenous Cow's Ghee and Murrah Buffalo's Ghee collected from the household dairies of rural area of district Chhindwara, Seoni, Betul etc. in Madhya Pradesh; Herbal Teas and drinks prepared from herbs procured from Organic farms and Agri-forests of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

All Salud Vida! products are packaged in reusable and non-plastic containers. The products are available on e-commerce platforms like Qtrove and Karnival Shop by The Better India.

303 Jeevanraksha Apartment, Laxminagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India 440013

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