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REVERSE is a product of an ideology that we don’t always have to engage in grand, heroic actions to bring change around us. With a simple mindset that small acts multiplied by millions of people can transform the world at large, REVERSE was created. Our story begins with us recognizing the constant challenge of ‘what to do with delivery bags, numerous cartons, delivery packaging, food boxes, etc. Typically get thrown out in the trash, contributing to the ever-so-overflowing landfills or overburdened municipalities around us. The thought and the sight of this problem stirred something big in our conscience. With the belief that waste can also be an asset, we moved forward to bring the solution to you. We envision a world where disposal of waste is a mindful act; a world where reversing and recycling are but the raw reflex of individuals as well as institutions around us. We started and they did it.

1st H Crossroad, Sharda colony, West chord Road, Basaveshwar Nagar 560079

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