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At Pabhoi Greens, our Vision is to safeguard indigenous seeds. To achieve this, we have started the first organic seed production and seed bank in North East (NE) India. Our primary goal is to replicate the best adaptable varieties in our region.

We aim to provide all farmers with locally adapted seeds and to train communities in organic and integrated farming and seed breeding. We are a team of about 30 like-minded people applying sustainable agricultural practices in Assam through inhouse techniques and external collaborations.

Pabhoi Greens has led the way in Organic Heirloom Seed production in the entire NE India and is helping farmers to achieve Seed Sovereignty through knowledge sharing across different ethnic communities. In 2003, we decided to farm organically, after having seen the environmentally harmful consequences and the decline of ecosystem services that come alongside conventional farming methods. 

Pabhoi, Biswanath, Assam, India 784174

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