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We at Oilcure | Nxtgen Ayurveda are trying to bring natural resources in the form of oil extracts which can fit in your busy lifestyle. All of these oils are 100% natural without any chemical process using Cold Press Technology. This process extracts oils without any heating and chemical process.

In cold pressing technique, the oil is extracted from the seeds by not heating it excessively. If the temperature is increased during the process of oil, then we would end up losing most of its essential nutritional contents, taste, and smell. To avert such happenings, the temperature is kept up to 50-degree celsius. The only heat produced during the entire extraction process is due to the friction between seeds. This is why one should start using cold-pressed oils right away. We also have a wide range of natural beauty care, essential oils, ayurvedic health supplements which are pure, natural and are filled with a variety of health benefits. We have natural products for thyroid, weight loss, diabetes, cholesterol and much more!

10th Main Road, Devarachikanahalli Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560068

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