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Natural Cooling Systems manufactures turbo ventilators that are easy to operate, zero energy, zero maintenance Turbo Roof Air Ventilators. Our turbo ventilators are powered by the wind to create effective ventilation for different industries. We are manufacturing high quality ventilators that eliminate smoke and fumes completely.

Natural Cooling Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of Turbo Ventilator, Polycarbonate Base Plate, Ridge Ventilation System, uPVC Windows, Roof Ventilators in Karnataka.

These turbines are manufactured with tailor-made materials like Aluminium and Stainless steel as per customer requirements. The aluminium turbines are lightweight and sturdy, making roof-top mountings easy and requiring only a slight breeze to rotate the vents and draw out stale and stagnant air from the interiors. Being wind operated it reduces your energy costs to zero.

#82, Kanniah Layout, Neelakunte Village, Bettahalasur, Bengaluru Rural, Karnataka, India 562157

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