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Regular plywood comes from valuable forest tracts. And the more plywood you use, the faster you deplete forest resources. Large-scale exploitation of forests hides the enormous truth at stake: “forests protect water quality and add to soil stability?

They provide habitats for most of the world’s land-based plants and animals. And from this biodiversity comes a wealth of foods essential to human health.

On a larger scale, forests act as ‘carbon sinks? absorbing carbon dioxide, a green house gas responsible vitally for global warming. Forests regulate temperature and rainfall and influence climate by a complicated interaction among ground, water, air and trees.

Forests once blanketed more than 40 percent of the earth’s land surface and now only cover 27 percent of it. Around 11 million hectares of tropical forest is disappearing each year. And with the current trend, tropical rainforests would disappear altogether within 25 years from four countries in the Americas, three countries in Africa and two countries in Asia.

At an “aware consumer?level, it’s unthinkable to address the goliaths of the lumber lobby. But it’s possible in some small way to create ripple effects that could make a big difference.

We could start by using wood substitutes that will go a long way in reducing the demand for wood that comes from trees that are chopped down.

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