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Lalit Greens is an innovative company based in Washim, Maharashtra that produces eco-friendly stationery products such as paper pencils, plantable paper, non-toxic clay, etc. The company was established in 2015 by an young entrepreneur Lalit Rathi, who was keen on creating something new out of waste material. Lalit Rathi studied various eco-friendly businesses and later decided to begin manufacturing recycled paper pencils since they were unique, eco-friendly and also constantly in need.

Lalit Greens uses a fully customized semi-automatic machine to produce various kinds of recycled paper pencils such as colour pencils, plain graphite paper pencils, print full design pencils, seed etc. The company only uses EN 71-3 Approved food-grade colour, which is the European safety norm for the toy industry. After three years of operations, Lalit Greens has started with a new concept of ‘Giving Life to Pencils’ by adding different types of seeds in medicine capsules at one end of pencils. Apart from pencils, the company also manufactures plantable paper, non-toxic clay and other stationery products.

Mantri Park, Opp Old Zilla Parishad, Washim, Maharashtra, India 444505

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