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Jordan Valley Organic farm is spread in 15 acres of land in the heart of Trivandrum. The area has been split into 3 portions, each of them well executed for cattle rearing, cultivating vegetables and fruits, rearing poultry and freshwater fishes. We have adopted a trial and error farming method to understand thoroughly which crop better can be cultivated in his land and how. Uses different types of organic fertilizers and share the details with fellow farmers to bring up more pesticide-free food products to the society for a better future. We use a larger aquaponic system too thus incorporating worlds innovative ideas in farming. Our farm has more than 500 varieties of curry leaves, Mangostin, Avocado, Pineapple, Grapes, and Dragon fruits to mention a few. The farm produces are sold through the Jordan Valley Organic Center in Trivandrum. Produces from farmers who use organic fertilizers are also acquired and sold via this outlet. We are a Organic farm producing organic fruits and vegetables. Our farm is planned in such a way that natural fertilizers can be used to grow produces. We have cattles of different indian breeds. From them we are able to provide the society pure A2 milk, ghee and curd. Our customers are satisfied by the egg from our poultry. They are also fed with organic grains. We have our own organic outlet where our products are sold. We also support similar farmers by buying their produces at a fare price and resell them at our organic shop. Lets revert to nature for a healthy leaving.

Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India 695004

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