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Inovativa Waste Aid by virtue takes social risk and converts it into the social value and economic profit. Thus, our objective is to understand how social ]entrepreneurship can address the issues of solid waste problems in India. The study of the relationship between entrepreneurial process, innovation, and entrepreneurial framework can shape the social entrepreneurial process to initiate and organize the business to explore the solid waste management opportunity. We are a Goan Startup Waste Management practice firm that offers our client a true "One Stop Shop" and "E-commerce Mart" service in India. With the rising cost of waste disposal, we can make a difference in reducing the operating costs through our focused waste management and recycling methods. As India is rapidly growing towards urbanization, problems and issues of solid waste and liquid waste are on a rise and need to be handled immediately. Our Government bodies have understood the importance for the SWM service but are also facing difficulties because of various factors. May that be, rising population, human behaviour towards cleanliness, deficiency in labour contracts or participation from private sectors. We aim to be India's first waste management brand with our venture's brand name – "YIMBY" that will channelize this unorganized sector by bringing in the stakeholders like NGOs, Municipalities/ Panchayats, Government bodies, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Service Providers, Environmental Engineering Companies and Institutions, all under one roof. And unlike any other social cause, educating the urban and rural dwellers on waste management and encouraging them to live in a sustainable environment, would be the prime objective of "YIMBY". Our Approach: Guiding Principles Of Inovativa Waste Aid Environmental Sustainability – Our operations reflect how we integrate environmental sustainability into the business. Our broader approach encompasses addressing issues like Climate Change. Client Service – We aim to provide high quality service to our clients, serving them consistently for their implied and stated needs. Innovation – We always want to push back the limits of knowledge, discovering new ways that are truly different and surprising. Conducive working environment – Inovativa Waste Aid offers an environment where employees have the opportunity to climb the career ladder and work in a synergetic environment. Maximizing value for the share holder – We strive to keep a balance among the 3P's (Planet, People and Profit) of sustainability, in such a way that it creates feasible value for all the stakeholders.

Althino, Mapusa, Goa, India 403507

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