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India, as one of the world’s largest economies and users of plastic, has around 25,000 plastic-producing enterprises. So, It is very important to develop a plastic waste management system. Green worms helps you assist to achieve its goal of sustainable recycling.

To bring about a systemic change to Plastic waste management, we are digitizing the process at the grassroots Plastic waste management in India. Waste management requires urgent upgrades in infrastructure and a skilled workforce to tackle the waste crisis and to mitigate Oceanic Plastic Pollution.

We at Green Worms believe in our core values above all else. We envision a zero-waste world by creating a circular economy where the resources are used efficiently and effectively. Our aim is to create dignified jobs through a circular economy to eradicate both plastic pollution and poverty.

West Hill Chungam, #140B, The crest building, varakkal road junction, Kozhikode, Kerala, India 673005

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