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Gramya T.S. Pvt Ltd works with communities to support them in their struggle for survival and development. We work closely with Community Based Organizations for women empowerment to produce homemade food, herbal products and hand crafted products. Our products are eco-friendly, hand crafted and natural, which include - hand bags, home products and office line products.

All the products are handmade with a rustic look, yet elegant making them more contemporary and appealing. Banana fibre is often blended with other natural fibres like river grass, ‘khus’ and hibiscus. Wool and jute are also combined to enhance design and promote innovation in the product line.

Gramya Basket has a range of popular food products made in Chitradurga District. The cluster is comprising of the highly skilled women who produce using ingredients are hand picked from the farms, which follow the best natural farming practices.


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560010

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