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Weavers and artisans in India suffer from lack of stable & continuous work opportunities throughout the year, which leads to poverty and also issues of product standardisation and quality control. Eco Kargha Handicrafts Marketing Private Limited (Ecokargha) is a for-profit company that provides market linkages and skills training to Indian artisans. Eco Kargha’s first production is an engagement with the tussar silk weavers of Bhagalpur. Our aim is to remove poverty among artisans of India by creating employment for artisans and weavers in across India with focus on low income groups especially in areas such as Bihar, UP, Bengal, Odisha & Jharkhand. Our Eko Kargha Service Centers (EKSCs) which are located in villages, also connect weavers with formal sector savings, credit, and other financial services, and expose savings, credit, and financial services and expose them to information technology resources.

Shakuntala Bhawan, CC Mukherjee Road, Akashwani Chowk, Adampur, Bhagalpur-812001, Bihar, Bihar, Bihar, India 812001

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