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Earth 100 Biofuels is a member company of NODWIN Group. The company has fully integrated Green solutions to give options of taking environmental initiative forward. With constant increase in the price of oil in recent years, the pressure on India’s inflation is growing. Earth 100 Biofuel's ultimate goal is to reduce inflation in the country by 1-2% by developing viable and sustainable biofuel based solutions.

It plans to introduce Algae as a sustainable substitute for diesel, thereby reducing the country’s dependence on imported oil. Thus, developing standard structures, processes and business models for future projects and aims to bring down production cost of biofuel under USD 1/litre.

Earth-100 is a supply chain solutions provider, and acts as the middleman between the clients interested in transitioning to biofuel and the producers or manufacturers that can make it happen. The company provide fully integrated green solutions to companies, NGOs, INGOs and public sector bodies looking to reduce their carbon footprint or be socially and environmentally responsible.

Plot No. - 119, Sector - 31, Gurgaon, Haryana, India 122002

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