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Daana Single Origin: This means food comes from one single farming region and community to your kitchen. What you get in the supermarket is a commodity: aggregated, blended and faceless. At Daana, we provide you complete information about the farmers, the farm and its details, and bring much needed transparency on the source of your food. They are the real human beings that nourish us everyday. We hope that this effort is one small step in changing societal norms that put efficiency, scale, technology and cheap quality (hence low-cost) ahead of health, livelihoods, sustainability and justice.

Heirloom Seeds, Sustainable Farming: Daana Single Origin's farmers aren’t just organic (growing without synthetic chemicals). They are skilled at the ART of organic farming, using creative and time-tested methods to conserve water, preserve soil fertility, and enrich the biodiversity of their farms.

Address: 8-2-400/1/1, Road no.5, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India 500036

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