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Community Development Action and Reflection (CDAR) started as an NGO to empower the farmers in Mizoram, so they may get better access to the market, finance, and education about their crops. They personally would like to encourage the youth to take up organic farming.

Community Development Action and Reflection currently have a processing unit for turmeric and ginger at Turial. Freshly harvested ginger/turmeric is first washed, sliced and then dried in a cabinet dryer. Proper washing of ginger/turmeric is essential for the quality of the dried product as fresh rhizomes coming from the field are covered with mud. The mud is difficult to remove by hand wash due to the critical shape of the rhizomes. The dried product is ground into a fine powder and stored. There is a substantial market for it.” Humans of Mizoram is dedicated to documenting the lives and compelling stories of the people in Mizoram, India. Inspired by Brandon's Humans of New York.

Aizawl, 796017, Mizoram, India

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