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As the cliché says,”birds of the similar feather flock together”; the aspiration and ambitions of friends are also in sync. Cleantech Water is the realization of the dream of offering effective and reliable water treatment solutions to domestic and industrial clients. We are a bunch of innovative and imaginative people who work relentlessly to offer specialized solutions. With a solid optimism and positive approach, we accept challenging tasks and take them through.

Offering high-quality, effective water treatment solution is our specialty. We have become the most sought name in a short time. We are a “Truly Global” company with a clientele spread across the globe. We have technical collaboration with the leading companies of The USA, the UK, and Germany.

SBR-SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT: Our sewage treatment system uses Sequence Bioreactor Technology, the worldwide acclaimed technology. It removes impurities and reduces Nitrogen by using effective biological process. The solution is echo-friendly, easy to install and low-maintenance. You don’t need tertiary treatment mechanism which makes it cost-effective. KLARO is an excellent solution for the needs sewage treatment needs of all magnitudes.

MEDIA FILTER: Suspended physical impurities and contamination in the water can be effectively removed by passing it through the layers of several sizes and varieties of media, e.g. sand, gravel, pebbles, and anthracite. These filters are excellent for removing organic material, clay, silic,a and turbidity. We are the leading provider of world-class media-based filters (Quartz-Sand, Silica-Sand, Anthracite, Garnet, Coal, etc.); suitable for widespread domestic and industrial applications.

REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANT: When the water contains a large amount of dissolved contaminators, no other technique than the Reverse Osmosis is effective. We bring highly effective RO solution that uses high-pressure pump and a semi-permeable membrane. When the water moves through the membrane with high pressure, only pure water molecules pass through, and impurities get filtered, resulting in crystal-clean, 100% pure water.

WATER SOFTENER: Excess quantity of Magnesium and Calcium ions increase the hardness of the water. It is not recommended for human consumption because of long-term effects. Also, it causes erosion in the pressure boilers and RO systems. Hard water affects the quality of washing in laundries and other applications. Our water softening solutions reduce the hardness and makes is suitable for domestic and industrial use by using sophisticated Sodium Resin technique.

20, 4th Floor, Ratna Business Square, Opp.H.K. College, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 380009

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