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Clean to Green is a free take-back program for used or defective electronic products (e-waste) to ensure their safe and environmentally sound recycling. Clean to Green is funded by producers of electrical and electronic equipment and complies with the E-waste Management Rules. We began the Clean to Green campaign to educate consumers on the benefits of professional recycling and create efficient take-back management systems for producers. Since we are all users of electronic and electric products, the responsibility what happens with the products when we finished using them lies with all of us. Littering or amateurish recycling can cause negative impacts to the environment and our health. In contrast, leaving the products with Clean to Green, assures that they are recycled and disposed in a professional and responsible way.

Lum khryiem, opposite umkdait, Nongmynsong, Shillong, Meghalaya, India 793019

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