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BiBox is here. The ultra cool innovation kit that helps you build all that you imagine. From simple toys to smart machines, you can now build them all. It's fun, educational and challenges your creative horizons. Why buy expensive toys again and again, when you can build your own and show the world your marvellous creations!

BiBox is Open, Scalable and Fun, and goes well with 21st century educational frameworks. Naturally, more and more schools across India are making BiBox part of their curriculum. It's the ultimate tool to impart 21st Century Learning and gives a comprehensive, practical exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

BiBox is supported by Government of India and much awarded by Indian and global entities like DST Lockheed Martin, TiE, DSIR, TDB etc. What's more, there is a fantastic community and team of people behind the platform. So, keep creating cool projects and wow the world! Infinite possibilities, unlimited fun and learning. That's BiBox for you

Evobi Automations Private Limited 1st Floor, Pixel Park 'A', PESIT Bangalore South Campus Hosur Road., Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560 100

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