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At BG plain sheets of handmade papers are embellished with a variety of designs. Mottling the sheets with flower petals, straw pieces, jute fibre…are the most common. We also provide different finishes to the paper by way of coating the sheet surface with dyed starch. Each sheet is hand coated by brush with great care to retain the grains on the surface. A little bit crushing of the sheet before coating helps in creating a leather finish. Metallic sheen is obtained by a similar process of brush coating. We specialise in the silk laid varieties where strands of silk are embedded on each sheet by an intricate process. Paper made from the bark of banana and mulberry are very delicate and carry a natural lustre. Artist's drawing boards undergo a process of surface treatment. Even without these 'special effects' a simple plain sheet of handmade paper is "a thing of beauty".

Mahalakshmipuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, Karnataka, India 560086

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