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Ayur From Kerala offers online all kinds of Pure Natural Organic Products like Organic Spices, Health Care Products, Masala Powder, Tea, Coffee, Oil and Essence in India. Organic Spices add a whole new flavor to your dishes. Fresh grains perfectly grounded masalas, Terra Greens' collection of Indian spices speaks it all.

Allspice known by the Latin botanical name of Pimenta dioica, comes from the Pimenta tree and is the unripe fruit that are dried and crafted into different forms. Allspice is used primarily as a cooking spice. Most notably, it has earned its reputation as one of the most important ingredients of Caribbean cuisine. It is commonly used in jerk seasoning, pickling spices, curry powders, and can be found in desserts and cakes.

Near St. Martin De Pores Church, Mulakaramedu, Kattappana, Idukki, Kerala, India 685515

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