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In the 90s, there was a time when the colourant industry disturbed the “Rhythm of the Earth”. At that point of time, we AMA Herbal visualized the crisis and started research and development on natural and herbal products and their commercialization. As a result, AMA Herbal had brought out the solution to the problem and launched its first research product “Extract form of Natural Dyes” in 1996.

Our company does “Best Out of Waste” practices and preserves the environment from industrial discharge. On the other hand, we develop unique products for water conservation at a time when the world is debating over every dip of the tap. We emphasize environmental protection at every stage of production of goods and services. Our company’s concept is organic and herbal that reflects in our products manufacturing processes and design.

Natural colours remain the first love of AMA Herbal. To use them optimally in different fields, the company has diversified into Natural Dyes for Textile, Natural Hair Colour as Bio Pharma Actives, Herbal Gulal: Best Out of Waste, Colour Powder for Sporting Events across the globe and further to Vegetal Wellness Clinic. AMA Herbal products are exported to more than 32 countries across the world, including the USA, Europe and Asian Countries. Our company’s turnover is increasing at a rate of 70-80% every year for the last three years in a row.

#352/116-G Talkatora Road P.O Rajajipuram, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India 226017

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