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Aarohana Ecosocial Developments Pvt Ltd is an endeavour born out of a similar wanting to change the face of our priceless culture and heritage for better in the face of rampant commercialization and environmental pollution. Aarohana is the ascending scale of music in Indian classical music. We are an instrument in trying to achieve this “ascend” or rise in the field of sustainable development.

Aarohana EcoSocial Developments was founded when a group of environment lovers came together to realise the belief that sustainable development is possible only when it begins at the grassroots and involves an empathetic understanding of the other biotic and abiotic communities. We are a social enterprise involved with local self-help groups, the corporate sector and other developmental organizations to realise our dream of economic and ecological sustainability.

Our two core areas of work namely “Enabling Rural Livelihoods” and “Conserving our Environment and Heritage” are geared to achieve this very model. Through these broad areas, we focus on projects related to waste management, clean energy, education, health, water conservation, sanitation, environment and heritage conservation; and all this through sustainable livelihood generation.

Karve Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra, India 411052

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