Eco-Friendly Repellents to Get Rid of Common Garden Pests


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Let’s say you have toiled hard to nurture a beautiful garden or a well-manicured lawn. You definitely want to watch it thrive and grow as intended. But at some point, it is inevitable you will find yourself at war with some pests that can undo all your hard work.

Nobody wants to watch their garden be eaten away by pesky bugs or be dive bombed by blood thirsty insects every time they try to enjoy the outdoors. Luckily, there are some easy solutions such as these eco-friendly repellents that can handle even the worst of your garden pest problems.

Deter Biting Insects

Mosquitoes, flies, gnats, midges and other insects that feed off your blood are pretty annoying and are a quick way to ruin a relaxing evening in your yard. They aren’t just annoying – they also spread diseases, so it is well worth your effort to deter them from being anywhere near your garden.

– Get Rid of Standing Water

Many biting insects prefer standing water or area of dampness to breed within. Get rid of any standing water, or if you have a pond be sure to use a fountain or something to keep the water moving. Further, rake out any piles of lawn clippings or leaves, and dump them into a well-covered compost pit, but keep the compost pit away from the house.

– Plants Known to Deter Insects

Source: The Indian Spot

Some plants are very useful in deterring insects from their vicinity. By planting a few of these near the areas you normally gather, or in random areas around our yard, you can help keep and many of these bugs from entering where they are. Lavender, peppermint, citronella, and rosemary are among the best choices to pick from.

– Use Biological Control

Predatory wasps can be introduced to your garden landscape to help control biting, sucking, and garden destroying insects. Predatory wasps lay their eggs and cocoons (depending on the species) inside an insect host. Others will parasitize the eggs or larvae of your annoying insect. Both approaches are effective in breaking the breeding cycle.

Kill off Garden Destroyers

Nothing is worse than having spent hours nurturing your gardens, watering, feeding, and watching it grow only to have all your hard work literally disappear. Bit by bit small insects can eat the leaves and stems, sucking the juices, destroying the roots, and taking out your crop. It doesn’t take long for havoc to reign either if you aren’t keeping a close eye on your gardens. One day things will be vibrant and growing, and two days later- half dead. Choose these eco-friendly repellents for common garden pests:


  • Apply Neem Oil – This oil is a naturally derived oil from the neem tree and is a powerful insecticide, miticide, and fungicide. It can kill good insects so be sure to spray in the evening when bees and butterflies are not present.
  • Dust with Diatomaceous Earth – Diatomaceous earth are tiny fossils. When brushed over plants and mixed into soil it cuts the casings and exoskeletons of insects which then kills them as they dry out.
  • Mix up Soap and Water Spray – Soap and water when sprayed on insects basically suffocates them. You can also add a little vegetable oil, garlic and/or cayenne pepper as well. The strong odors act as a deterrent as well after your initial application.

Run Off Burrowing Critters

Gophers, moles, voles, and other burrowing critters can destroy areas of your lawn and garden literally overnight. They can cause structural damage to your property and disrupt electric and sprinkler lines as well. Plus, they often carry fleas, which can then transfer to your own pets and end up indoors.

  • Trap Your Critters – Many types of live and lethal traps are available for all sorts of rodents that might become problematic. The issue with a live trap is ensuring you get it far enough away from your home before you release it.
  • Use Ultrasonic Sound Devices – Ultrasonic sound devices can be set above, or below ground and create ultrasonic vibrations that help run off rodents and keep them from coming back. Many are solar powered as well.

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