Starting a Green Home: Eco-Friendly Interior Designing


Green Your Home!

Eco-Friendly Interior Designing is the minimizing the resources involved in construction and taking up eco-friendly materials with emphasis on the health and environmental impact of the same. The benefits of green interior design comes include low maintenance cost, better air quality, energy efficiency, better waste management and low exposure to toxic material.

1. Eco-Flooring : Bamboo

Eco-Flooring Bamboo

Renewable and with high level of growth rate, Bamboo can be cut off without harming the root allowing it to regrow. Bamboo is also used for making furniture.

2. Eco-Flooring : Cork

Eco-Flooring Cork

Procured from cork oak tree, cork is well-known for its anti-microbial properties. Apart from being water resistant, it does not contain PVC or formaldehyde.

3. Eco-Flooring : Strand Woven Bamboo


Created from strips of bamboo, these strand woven flooring have higher durability than oak and are known to be 2.5 times harder than them.

4. Eco-Flooring : Coconut Shells

Eco-Flooring Coconut Shells

Available in various designs, floorings from coconut are prepared on a wooden frame. It is ideal not to install these in areas with constant contact of food and water as it could damage the flooring.

5. Eco-Paint : Clay and Starch


Using rice, wheat, rye or potato flour, you can make wall paint at home. This will include other ingredients like mica flakes and powder, chopped straw and fine clay.

6. Eco-Paint  : Asian Paints, Kansai Nerolac, ICI Dulux


Asian Paints, Apex Ultima and Kansai Nerolac have series of emulsions and paint which have low VOC and do not contain heavy metals like lead.
Read our guide on Eco-friendly paints

7. Earthen Plaster:


Made of clay and fiber, earthen plaster also includes casein, pigments, cactus juice, linseed oil, lime and manure. This is commonly used as a wall-finishing material. It protects the structure and building materials.

8. Kitchen Counter-tops


Preparation of recycled glass can occur in a backyard or properly fenced area with use of discarded glass items. These are broken into small pieces and glued together using concrete. Recycled aluminum can also be used for kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles.

9. Engineered Timber Resources


Using post-production material of pharmaceutical and silk companies as the raw material, engineered timber are available in many patterns and can be colored with natural dyes.

10. Eco-friendly Furniture: Recycled Metal and Plastic


With improving technology, metal and plastic can be recycled and used to make home items reducing the amount of processing and resources involved. ISO 14001 of 20004 certifies products on their index of eco-friendliness.

11. Green Furniture: Organic Futon


Futons are traditional Japanese furniture well-known for their wonders on healing back pain. You can buy ones which are made of natural material like all-cotton or wool.

12. Live Green!


Use LED lights to reduce energy consumption;
Solar water heaters and solar power generators;
Individual wire connections for bulb and other electronic appliances to reduce power usage;
Indoor plants like Aloe Vera, Ivy, Spider Plant and Bamboo for air purification;
Low-flush toilets to push down water use; and
Trim down temperature in summers by using solar reflective plants on roof.

13. Spread Your Green Potion!


Is your home packed with green living ideas? Have you recently tried out an eco-living move? Share your experience. Pitch in your ideas to Ecoideaz here.

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