6 Ways to Ensure Energy Efficient Business and Save Money


Author – Bob Gorman

In our quest to become financially independent, we set up businesses with the hope that our start-ups will pick up immediately and give us the much desired financial freedom. However, all startups have to be boot strapped and survive on meager resources until they get a steady revenue flow. When we are employees of large enterprises, we tend to waste a lot of resources within our organizations, thus costing a lot of money in the long run. However, once you startup on your own, you are forced to understand the need to improving on energy efficiency, so that we can enhance the growth of our companies. There are a few simple steps for making your company an energy efficient business that can surely yield you financial success if they are followed diligently:

Switching To Post-Consumer Waste

Plantable Paper
When it comes to printing, there are so many options of paper at our disposal. Most of these white papers do not possess qualities that make them ideal for the environment. Post-consumer waste (PCW) paper or recycled paper is another category of printing paper that is created in a clean and green manner. By processing of ordinary paper that ends up in our garbage, we can produce PCW paper such as handmade paper, machine-recycled paper, etc. such PCW papers are not only cheap, but also serve the same purpose as the regular printing papers. If you want your enterprise to grow and save money, then you must try to make use of the paper.

Replace Outdated Appliances With Greener Gadgets

Attero e-Waste Recycler

Businesses require all kinds of equipment for managing operations, but prolonged use of these machines makes them inefficient since their mechanical parts are likely to be worn out. Besides, technology keeps on changing, and updated versions of office equipment keep entering the market. Development of modern machines makes their older versions obsolete since they utilize less energy in achieving much significant output. So it is imperative that you adopt to the use of updated energy efficient electrical equipment in your company for boosting both work productivity and power conservation. Upgrades should happen whenever possible, but outdated equipment content might either be sold off or donated.

Recycle every reusable material whenever possible

Since paper printing is still a requirement in any enterprise, we are compelled to purchase new printers. These printers make use of ink cartridges or ad toners that that need to be replaced regularly. When ink levels run down, most of us choose to dispose the cartridges in garbage, a major factor that contributes to environmental degradation. However, many of us don’t know that there is a better way of reusing these printer components, by refilling them with ink. As a company manager, it should be your responsibility to refill your cartridges whenever they run dry, a move that will not only save you money, but also improve environmental conditions.

Power Your Office With Renewable Energy

Clean electric energy is now available abundantly at affordable rates. Although many institutions today rely on electricity generated from coal or hydropower that proves to be unreliable and harmful to the environment. So you could deviate from this norm and integrate the use of solar energy or wind energy in your enterprise so as to eliminate chances of unexpected power surges. Fitting a rooftop solar panels can help reduce your electric bill and also earn revenue when you sell power back to the electric grid.

Move to energy efficient lighting and cooling

Solar powered ACLighting and air cooling are the biggest power consuming activities in any office. Replace all the incandescent lights and CFL bulbs with LED bulbs since are now cheaper and much more energy efficient. Usage of LED lights can result in saving of up to 80-85% of power consumption as compared to incandescent lights. Similarly, choose the most energy efficient air conditioners for your office, since they are the biggest power consuming appliances. Always prefer to use air coolers since they can bring down the temperature by 10 degrees, by just consuming power of a regular fan. If it is absolutely essential to go for air conditioning, then ensure the ambient temperature is always kept between 22-24 degrees.

Energy Audit Your Firm

Energy efficient offices

Auditing your enterprise for energy efficiency is an ingenious way of improving on your bottomline by eliminating chances of encouraging wastage. An energy audit allows a business owner to identify weaknesses in the firm, which if worked upon can become your strengths.

Finally, it is a well-documented fact that companies that encourage the use of green energy regularly reap enormous benefits in the long run and become energy efficient business. As much as we all like to make money, it is essential that we advocate for the use of renewable sources of energy so as to reduce the rate at which our environment is getting depleted.


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