World Green Infrastructure Congress to rethink sustainable urban ecosystems


World Green Infrastructure Network and Indian Green Infrastructure Network are organizing the World Green Infrastructure Congress – 2018 at Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru on 4-6 June 2018. The organizers claim this would be the largest conference on rethinking sustainable urban ecosystems, green technologies and urban infrastructure.

The three-day conference brings together architects, builders, academicians, urban planners and environmentalists to discuss evolving trends and practices in green building technologies and urban planning. Participants can gain access to a wide range of expert panelists, eminent speakers, training sessions, interactive workshops, networking sessions and world-class excursions to some of the best green projects in Bengaluru.

Some of the main themes to be discussed in detail at the World Green Infrastructure Congress 2018 are: strategies for developing green buildings, rain water management, sustainable building, energy ecosystem, best practices in architecture, iconic green projects, cost-benefit analysis, green indoor areas, etc.
Date: 15.05.2018 | Source: World Green Infrastructure Network

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