SBI Youth For India Fellowship invites socially concerned youngsters


Leading bank, State Bank of India has invited enthusiastic youth to join its SBI Youth For India Fellowship for FY2018. SBI Youth For India Fellowship is a 13-month long program devised to bridge the rural-urban divide and develop social innovations for women empowerment, environment conservation, watershed development, female reproduction health and other social issues.

Fellows of SBI Youth For India work on diverse projects in 12 broad thematic program areas covering the entire gamut of rural development. They are: education, environmental protection, health, food security, rural livelihood, alternate energy, traditional crafts, social entrepreneurship, self governance, women empowerment, technology and water conservation. Last year, 53 concerned youth participated in this fellowship and are inspired to take up social entrepreneurship. For example, 25 year old Shriti Pandey is working on eco-friendly panels to replace bricks in rural Madhya Pradesh, while another 25-year-old engineer, Gautam Kumar, is reforesting remote villages in Madhya Pradesh.

The fellowship has been uniquely designed to assist youth to assimilate into a rural environment. It ascertains that the process of assessment of ground realities, identification of a project that combines the need of the community, your interest and the strengths of the NGO. June 5 is the last date to register for this year’s fellowship.
Date: 31.05.2018 | Source: SBI Youth For India


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