Nispana to host 3rd National Summit on Sustainable Water & Sanitation


Nispana Innovative Platforms is scheduled to conduct its third National Summit on Sustainable Water & Sanitation on the 18th and 19th January 2018 in Bengaluru. It is supported by Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Hyderabad Water Supply & Sewerage Board and the Department of Urban Development, Government of Karnataka.

The summit aims to address the most pertinent water issues across India such as rising water scarcity accompanied by an increase in demand of water. We need to be aware the 54% of India’s ground water problems are decreasing and there is a clean water crisis in the country. The summit proceedings will cover successful case studies, engineering best practices and innovative solutions on water problems.

The platform brings together policy makers, private institutions, academics, consultants etc., and offers them an opportunity to interact with people in the water sanitation industry. The attendees also get access to the most cutting edge technologies and interact with targeted audience for one to one networking.

The National Summit on Sustainable Water & Sanitation will see an elite lineup of speakers that includes Dr. Rajendra Singh, also known as the waterman of India; U.P. Singh, Mission Director, National Mission for Clean Ganga; Anjum Parvez, Secretary, Urban Development, Government of Karnataka; Ravi Narayanan, Chairman, Asia Pacific Water Forum; Dana Kishore, Managing Director, Hyderabad Water Supply & Sewerage Board; Sowmini Jain, Mayor, Kochi Municipal Corporation, etc.
Date: 08.01.2018 | Source: Nispana

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