NDDB INAPH Software Helps Cut Indian Cows’ Methane Emissions


National Dairy Development Board has developed a new software tool called ‘Information Network on Animal Productivity and Health’ (INAPH), determining the nutritious diet of 2.4 million cows and buffaloes in India. This INAPH tool was presented by NDDB’s Vinod Ahuja at the annual Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock Meeting held recently at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

NDDB INAPH Software carefully evaluates optimal cattle feed mixes for each of 2.4 million animals in more than 30,000 villages along with a local person professionally trained to use the software and provide advisory services to farmers. The software tool is factored with the type of food, weight of the animal and fat content in its milk. The fundamental purpose behind rationing and balancing the diet of cows is to make diary sustainable.

This balanced diet will lead to an gradual increase in milk output and naturally reduce methane emissions by 15%. The programme has helped to reduce the eccentric methane emissions percent while raising the average daily income of farmers. Methane represents the world’s largest emission gas and can significantly raise global temperatures. This NDDB INAPH Software Programme is funded by the World Bank and was first launched in 2010 but now it has covered around 18 of 29 states in India.

Date: 14-08-2018 | Source: Rural 21

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