Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Roots for LED Streetlights

Representative Image – Geograph

With the increase in the consumption of electricity, the civic officials of Navi Mumbai have begun to emphasize on the installation of LED bulbs as streetlights and have also instructed that any further projects on setting up streetlights must include LED bulbs.

One of the officials said that, “LED bulbs conserves energy which reduces the electricity bill to an extent of 50% of the normal. Hence the emphasis is to use LED lamps instead of sodium vapour bulbs”.

A few months back, an RTI activist filed a question regarding the civic expenditure on streetlights. Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) responded by saying that nearly INR256.5 million is spent per year on maintenance and on the payment of electricity bills of the 40,958 streetlights in are the city.

An activist, Sudhir Dani, said that in spite of LED being the better option, only the non-functional bulbs must be replaced. Another civic official added that the LED lamps are expensive when compared to the conventional bulbs but last longer.

Source: Times of India | 23 July 2016


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