Melton Foundation launches Global Solvers Accelerator program for youth


Melton Foundation, an international non-profit organization, has launched its Global Solvers Accelerator program that provides a platform to talented young people and motivated change agents who are actively engaged in community development projects from across the globe to connect.

Through its fellowships and collaborative programs, Melton Foundation promotes global citizenship as a way for individuals and organizations to work together across boundaries and solve challenges in an interconnected world.

The Global Solvers Accelerator program is a flagship program of Melton Foundation, which aims to develop youth’s capacity as effective and ethical leaders, learn and get equipped to act locally with the global context in mind. Deeply intertwined with a unique community of global citizenship practice, it is one of two entry points into the Melton Foundation Fellowship.

During this eight-month peer-focused, project-based, and collaborative impact journey, participants refine their impact projects, learn to maneuver their skills, capacity, and connections to ignite shared solutions that cut across social barriers and further the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Key benefits of the Global Solvers Accelerator program are:

  1. Creating Impact Projects – Consolidation and peer reviews on practical applications of know-how on grassroots impact projects
  2. Capacity Building – Participants learn new and/or advanced skills that further their Global Citizenship competency
  3. Melton Fellowship – Successful Solvers from this fellowship program are integrated into the life-long Melton Fellowship as Senior Fellows towards the end.

Eligibility criteria

  • Young practitioners working on emerging community development activities
  • Team players (aged between 20-35 years) with a proven track record of social impact
  • Actively engaged in or leading a local impact project
  • Familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Interested applicants can click below to register. 31 March 2022 is the last date for application


Date: 12.03.2022 | Source: Melton Foundation

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