International Green Mobility Expo to Promote E-vehicles in India


International Green Mobility Expo to Promote E-vehicles in India

The International Green Mobility Expo is scheduled to be held from 2nd to 4th of February 2017 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. The event recognizes the greater demand for pollution-free mobility today and the need for having sustainable and green vehicles. Among them, electric vehicles have shown a lot of potential and have a huge market in India.

The International Green Mobility Expo will showcase all kinds of alternative green vehicles such as electric and hybrid cars, CNG vehicles, solar energy vehicles, special bicycles, vehicle accessories, display by battery manufacturers, etc. Stall space can still be bought for the event at an average rate of INR7,000 and above. There will also be conferences at the event to discuss various issues related to e-vehicles and other options of mobility.

Numerous visitors including media personnel, businesses, NGOs, consultants, government officials, industry representatives are expected to participate in the event. This event also provides an excellent platform for networking and connecting with people relating to businesses with other ideas. Above all, such events mark the growth of the e-vehicle sector in our economy. Please attend this event organized by IETF if you are interested in e-vehicles and their growth in India, since it is a great initiative to boost sustainable development.

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