Indore’s New IT Park to Reduce Energy Consumption



The city of Indore’s proposed IT park on Khandwa Road has registered with the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) to ensure that buildings in the park will be green buildings. The new IT park is expected to reduce energy consumption by 39%, lesser waste generation and even to reduce other building’s resource consumption. The project is worth around INR470 million for constructing the proposed 8 storeyed building that can accommodate around 40 offices.

According to project architect Shruti Purohit, the building will have least dependency on artificial light as most of the areas will be covered by natural light. The building will also make utmost usage of waste water that will be recycled in STP and later used for landscaping and flushing.

The building will have a 2-level parking with a capacity of 176 cars. Further, a rainwater harvesting system will be installed for effective use of rain water. Green building materials such as flyash are also proposed to be used in the construction.
Source: Times of India

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