Green Energy Outlook for 2040 – Infographic


It is obvious that our world isn’t going to become eco-friendly overnight. So we need to ask the question “what is the green energy outlook for 2040?”

This infographic created by Fuelfighter looks at some of the outcomes that are being predicted for the future, along with who is investing in green solutions and what energy production methods are currently, and forecast, to be used to meet the ever growing global demands.

Fossil fuels are expected to continue providing the majority of the global energy needs until 2040. there are numerous things every one of us could do at home and at work to lower our carbon footprint to help save the planet now and for future generations. Fortunately, steady investments are happening in innovative green energy production methods by large corporations and businesses across the world.

”Aren’t you glad you bought an oil fired AGA? by Fuel Fighter.

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