Ecoideaz Announces Greener Awards 2018 for India’s Green Champions


Bangalore, 12 February 2018: Ecoideaz Ventures, India’s leading online resource centre for innovative green ideas, has launched the first ever Ecoideaz Greener Awards 2018. These accolades will acknowledge and honour India’s best organisations and individuals who are involved in creating green innovations and sustainability endeavours. The awards will recognise people from 12 categories. They are as follows:

  1. Greenest Corporate – Large Size
  2. Greenest Mid-Sized Company
  3. Most Innovative Small Enterprise
  4. Most Innovate Micro Enterprise
  5. Green Building of the Year
  6. Greenest CSR Initiative
  7. Most Energy Efficient Company
  8. Most Green Innovative Company of the Year
  9. Greenest Gadget of the Year
  10. Best Green NGO
  11. Green Person of the Year  
  12. Smartest City in India

Levine Lawrence, CEO of Ecoideaz Ventures said, “There is a need to identify individuals and institutions that have been safeguarding the well-being of our environment, so that they serve as leading lights for others to emulate. Ecoideaz Greener Awards will celebrate the success of everyone who is playing a role in turning the dream of a sustainable greener planet into a reality.

“We have a clear agenda for the coming days. One is to create resources and the other is to develop a sustainable fund, both aligned to harvest innovative clean technologies that promote us be a greener country.” In this endeavour, portal was established up a few years ago. The founders discovered that numerous organizations and individuals are working towards creating the perfect merger of cutting-edge technology and sustainable development without harming the nature.

Ecoideaz Greener Awards will be an annual affair, which will help in channelising resources towards the creation of a green incubation fund. This fund will help in creating incubation centres among partners in the academia and the corporate sector.  A fully functional resource centre is also being set up as a coordinating point to assist organizations in completion of various formalities of government, patenting, marketing and other procedures.

Click here for more information and entry form for the awards

Call: +91-9535365573, +91-831075428 (Alternatively, please text message <Greener Awards>)

Submit your Green Idea or Eco-friendly company to, we feature some of the best Eco Ideas from India.


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