Diesel Vehicles Older than 10 Years Banned in Delhi

Image – Wikimedia

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has come up with stringent rules to control pollution. It banned all diesel vehicles older than 10 years and ordered the RTO to de-register them. Most of the ambulances in Delhi that are older than 10 years are being de-registered as well.

The rising pollution level in the national capital has made the NGT to take such steps. For the past few weeks it has been taking all possible measures to bring pollution levels under control.

The ban is to be imposed in 2 phases – first the vehicles older than 15 years are to be removed followed by those older than 10 years in the next phase. This decision of the NGT has put the health system in a crisis, as more than half of the ambulances in the city are older than 10 years.

A senior transport official of the Delhi Transport Department said, “If the transport department starts de-registering diesel vehicles more than 15 years old, 813 ambulances will go off roads in a first phase”.

Source: Social Story + Business Standard + The Hindu


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