Conference on Design Thinking in Practice at The University of Chicago in Delhi



A Conference on Design Thinking in Practice: Case Studies in Urban Waste Management is going to be held on 4th of August 2016 at The University of Chicago in Delhi. It is presented by the International Innovation Corps (IIC).

Considering the growing urban waste management crisis in India, this conference seeks to bring together all the innovators who have ample work experience in this area. Innovators who want to bring sustainable solutions through a non-traditional outlook, from the world of design and behavioural sciences, will be showcased at this conference.

The conference is going to be held in two sessions.

During the first session the innovators will discuss their views on how Human Centred Design (HCD) helped them in their work to address the crisis. It will also examine how the design process has facilitated sustainable progress.

The second session is going to be an interactive workshop on Design Thinking organized by Quicksand Design Studio. Through this workshop the participants can understand the major role that HCD can play in this new era of policy making through a User Journey Mapping Exercise.

Source: U Chicago, Delhi


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