Bangalore Apartments Federation hosts BAF BAMBOOS to showcase sustainable living


The newly formed Bangalore Apartments Federation is organizing a major event on sustainable living named ‘BAF BAMBOOS’ – Bengaluru Apartments Making Bengaluru Operationally Outstanding & Sustainable on 3 November 2018. BAF BAMBOOS is an event for apartments to share their practical initiatives / knowledge with one another and present their contribution towards creating a better Bengaluru city.

Apartments in Bengaluru have been at the forefront of sustainability by efficiently managing resources like water, waste & energy to help build a green, sustainable & livable Bengaluru. Bangalore Apartments’ Federation is an alliance of around 100 apartment owners’ associations and residents’ welfare associations based in Bengaluru city.

Bengaluru Apartments Federation is hosting this full-day event at the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Bhavan, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru. BAF BAMBOOS provides an opportunity to apartment owners to share the key initiatives taken in their apartments for waste management, water conservation and energy efficiency. Further, case studies on implementing rooftop solar panels on residential apartments and stalls for displaying commercial products and solutions are also be presented.
Date: 28.10.2018 |Source: BAF BAMBOOS


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