AGIS members challenge you to Bring Your Own Cup!

Bengaluru has been abuzz about an interesting environmental crusade that is doing the rounds during the festive season. Some members of the Association of Green Industries & Services have initiated a trending movement named “Bring Your Own Cup” on social media. Bring Your Own Cup or #BYOC is an idea created by AGIS member Rishita Sharma, who is the Founder of Rent-a-Cutlery and Green Utsav.

Rishita introduced the BYOC challenge on 6 October 2018 in order to put a full stop on using single-use disposables in our everyday life. Plastic cups and paper cups are used in corporate pantries, roadside teashops, social events, etc., which are thrown away into garbage and end up clogging the drains.

This concept of bringing your own cup has now gone viral with many eco-conscious citizens of Bengaluru posting their pictures of holding reusable steel cups and ceramic mugs on social media. Particularly, citizens of Whitefield outside Bengaluru have been more enthusiastic in taking up the BYOC challenge and promoting it among others. 

AGIS members have urged all concerned citizens to take up this BYOC challenge and promote it in such a way that it becomes a nationwide movement! These challenges and promotions have been well covered across various media. The steps are pretty simple –
• Carry a stainless steel cup in your bag
• Insist on pouring tea or coffee into that cup in your nearby teashop
• Surprise the people around you and take a selfie!
• Post your selfie pic on social media with a hastag – #BYOCselfie


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