A Wind Turbine Now For Homes in India

Source – YouTube Screen Grab

Avant Garde innovations (AGI), a startup, has promised of an affordable wind turbine that can be used in houses to generate daily electricity needs and may cost around INR50,000.

The founders of AGI, Arun and Anoop George said, “This will bring down the cost of setting up a windmill from INR2,00,000 to INR50,000 per kilowatt”. This wind turbine of 1KW capacity produces five units per day, which is sufficient for a middle class household.

One important feature of this turbine is, it can generate power even at low wind speeds and still can meet the requirement of providing sufficient power to the household. It is currently pending for patent approval. In fact, The United Nations Foundation has approved this design. i.e., this turbine received recognition from The UNF.

The company has received many offers from foreign countries only because, this turbine’s design is so simple that it can be used as hydel or tidal turbines and also with a few modifications as an automobile motor.

Source: Sustainability Next | 13-07-2016


    • Hi Chetan,
      sorry we have not found any technology that helps in heating water through wind energy. But you can explore heating water through solar energy

  1. Wind turbines are not the answer when they kill so many birds, we need to look at alternative environmentally friendly solutions that benefit everyone and everything.

    • There are no credible studies that prove wind mills kill birds. Please note how birds know how to navigate away from planes, same way they can manage with wind mills


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