A Wind Turbine Now For Homes in India

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Avant Garde Innovations (AGI), a startup, has promised of an affordable wind turbine that can be used in houses to generate daily electricity needs and may cost around INR50,000.

The founders of Avant Garde Innovations, Arun and Anoop George said, “This will bring down the cost of setting up a windmill from INR2,00,000 to INR50,000 per kilowatt”. This wind turbine of 1KW capacity produces five units per day, which is sufficient for a middle class household.

One important feature of this turbine is, it can generate power even at low wind speeds and still can meet the requirement of providing sufficient power to the household. It is currently pending for patent approval. In fact, The United Nations Foundation has approved this design. i.e., this turbine received recognition from The UNF.

The company has received many offers from foreign countries only because, this turbine’s design is so simple that it can be used as hydel or tidal turbines and also with a few modifications as an automobile motor.

Source: Sustainability Next | 13-07-2016

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    • Hi Chetan,
      sorry we have not found any technology that helps in heating water through wind energy. But you can explore heating water through solar energy

  1. Wind turbines are not the answer when they kill so many birds, we need to look at alternative environmentally friendly solutions that benefit everyone and everything.

    • There are no credible studies that prove wind mills kill birds. Please note how birds know how to navigate away from planes, same way they can manage with wind mills

    • in the total lifespan, the turbine will kill fewer birds than the household kills in a month (chicken is also a bird). so please don’t bother to show your ahimsa knowledge, and birds nowadays are smart, they have a far better GPS than you

    • No Fayaz, a wind mill works only when there is wind! if you want continuous power supply, then go for solar wind hybrid systems

  2. Hi ..I would like to get more details of the setup and am planning to install around 10 different Mills at different locations . Kindly contact back so as to discuss the plan for the same. Also if you could forward a brochure for the same.

  3. How should I contact you ?
    I need one for my home !
    Please send brochure and discussion details ASAP.

  4. Is this Wind turbine used grid connected technology?
    Is Govt allowed for net metering facility for wind turbine consumers?

  5. I m interested in setting up wind mill at my place…. may be 4 turbines or more depending on size of turbine… If possible also planning to sell it to govt. Need assistance,

    • Hi Rahul, exhaust air is not intense enough to produce wind energy. it is better to do heat recovery from that

  6. I am interested in setting up a wind turbine for my home for technology demonstrator, as I have a 5 KW off grid solar system installed. Need your assistance.

  7. i have 1 kw solar off grid system, need 1 kw wind turbine, plz assit to get cost effective & guaranteed supplier with quality service oriented supplier at Pune

  8. We need a 2kw or 3kw power generation backup option for home use and at a village near faridabad to use with solar power of 96 volt battery (12 volt X 8 batteries) connected to a 7.5 kva inverter.

    Would this be possible and if so, what price?.

    Do let me know. Thanks.

  9. Hi,
    I had installed 5kw solor system on my rooftop and interested in solor wind hybrid system. how much additional cost i have to raise to install hybrid system

  10. Hello
    I would like to buy a wind turbine 1 kw for home use .Can you give me the price details.
    I have alredy 4 kw solar back off grid and on grid.

  11. We have installed 3 KW On GRid Solar power at our residence. We would like to install small wind mill also. Kindly guide us.

  12. I like to install a wind mill at my farm land to drive a borewell pump currently working on EB supply (3 phase 10HP motor). I know the wind is not available all the time, we can try with an auto changeover whenever the wind power is not available and use the power in charging 24V battery. Please advise whether you can provide fully or partly to what extent.

  13. I want to install 2KW windmill at our residence. Kindly guide us and provide quote . Please call me 9110754369

    Shankar v

  14. We are planning to install 2KW windmill with battery storage backup at our house roof. Kindly provide the quote and details for best brand available in the market to buy.
    This is my contract. 9008735098


  15. Hi,
    Are you guys came and fix it? Or we have to fix it ourselves?, If there is not much air speed, what will be the solution? Are you guys taking back? Please let me know
    You can call me at
    Mob: 9845090075

  16. Hi, we would like to know the sizes of wind turbines you offer along with Hybrid systems of Solar. we are a gated community having 13 story buildings with good space of mounting hybrid systems. please share your details.

  17. I have a 1,400 watts Solar Power Inverter (24 V DC), with 1,000 watts Solar Cells, in my Home at Nagercoil – 629002. Do you have a suitable 500/1000 watts wind power generator?

  18. Hi
    I am Dr. Manu Agarwal living in R K Puram, Secunderabad. I was interested in windmill energy to be installed for my house. I have a 2kw solar ongrid setup. I want wind energy for ev charging and supporting electricity used in my house.

  19. hai sir i want to install for my shop in andhra pradesh can i get details. for my shop 1kw is enough

  20. Hi,

    I already have solar installed. Is it possible to now add only the wind turbine? what changes need to be done for this.

  21. We need solar wind hybrid street light 80W LED .Can you supply us this system or can you provide us the turbine

  22. We plan to wind mill or solar empanel … Now EB line temporary line Unit Rs 12 charges….

    Ground floor – 3 Unit
    First floor – 3 Unit

    All units coupied – Rental usage

    Last 2 month full EB used around – 1400 Unit reading Coimbatore Sundakkamuthur 9943244053

  23. I want 4/5kW windpower for home. My location is to have it. How much it will cost?
    I have 10kW solar panels installed on my roof giving day time solution. Need night time solution 😂
    Where to contact?
    D Basu

  24. Kindly send quotation for 3 Kw Wind Turbine unit cost with installation charges.
    Also send technical details.

  25. Interested in setting up for a flat in a Stand-alone apartment how much area is needed and how much would be the cost associated for a 3Phase and 10 KW contracted load connection.

  26. i have contant wind at my home, I would like to setup a 1kw turbine with net metering. what would be the estimated expense for the whole setup?


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