International Conference on Forestry Food and Sustainable Agriculture at Bengaluru



The World Research Forum for Engineers & Researchers is organizing the International Conference on Forestry Food and Sustainable Agriculture (ICFFSA) on 2 October 2016 at Bangalore, India. It is one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel advances in the fields of sustainable environment and agriculture.

ICFFSA is expected to be a common forum for bringing together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of sustainable agriculture and forestry management. Papers presented at the conference will be submitted for review among peers and will be indexed by Google Scholar and published by the World Research Library.

ICFFSA will be a platform to understand the ways to make efficient use of non-renewable resources and sustain the economic viability of these operations. The conference would showcase a number of insightful lectures from renowned speakers all over the country and awards will be given for the best paper that make the most significant contribution to the conference’s topic. A broad range of research and applied topics will be covered during the conference.

Source: 10 Times | 28-09-2016

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